You will be contacted by the campus instructional designer to schedule a session where you will learn the ins and outs of D2L Brightspace. The training is customized to meet your instructional needs. 

The training is called uses a course shell in Brightspace called "Faculty Tools Training" and goes over the following topics:

  1. How to login to Banner
  2. How to set your password for your Net ID
  3. How to login to email
  4. How to install Microsoft Word on your personal coputer
  5. An introduction to the GFC MSU website
  6. How to login to D2L Brightpace
  7. Basic D2L Course Shell Setup
  8. Creating a Syllabus and Basic Accessibility
  9. D2L Help - Tutorials and Step-by-Steps
  10. Ready to Do More, Such as Online Quizzes, Assignments...?(Optional for Face-to-Face Instructors)

Once you are trained on the above information, you will be able to work on setting up your course shell. While setting up your course shell, you can consult with the Faculty Development Center for instructional design support, your program/department chair for subject-matter expert support, and the Technology Assistance Center for troubleshooting support. You can find more information about the personnel that can assist you by visiting the Faculty Development Center website and the Technology Assistance Center website.

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Need to Reset Your Password?